7 Reasons You May Want to Get a Dash Cam

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Have you ever considered getting a dash cam? They are becoming more and more popular all across the country, and for good reason. There are many advantages to having a good dash cam in your car, and if you are reading this blog, you’ve got one really big reason to consider one. You drive a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz.

7 Reason Why It’s a Good Idea for You to Get a Dash Cam

  1. Driving Accidents– If someone hits your car but doesn’t take responsibility for the collision, you could find yourself in a legal battle that comes down to their word against yours. A good way to avoid this is by having proof that an accident happened the way you are describing it. A video can be just the hard evidence you need to keep others from taking advantage of you in court.
  2. Parking Accidents– Ever parked in a public garage only to return to your car and find the side scratched or otherwise damaged? Well, a dash cam can be the solution to that problem. These devices can be set up to run off of internal battery power once you are parked and your car is off. This allows these cameras to capture video of people who may bump into, scrape or otherwise damage your vehicle.
  3. Your Car– Here at Silver Star Motors, we work on Mercedes-Benz and BMW. So, if you’re reading one of our blogs, you must either own, fix on, or want to own one of these high-class machines. But wouldn’t you want to protect it too? A well setup dash cam can protect your car, and your investment in that car.
  4. Insurance Claims– Having a vehicle like a BMW or a Mercedes insured is a must to protect yourself should an accident happen, but there’s something many drivers don’t realize. Insurance companies are still businesses trying to make a dollar, and they will often go the distance to make sure they don’t have to pay your full claim. However, not even the insurance company can deny cold hard evidence, and dash cam video can provide that to you.
  5. Showing Off– You bought a high-performance vehicle when you purchased that M3 coupe. Why keep that vehicle caged up on a daily commute? There are trackdays, autocross events and car shows you can take your German-engineered beauty to, and a dash cam can help you show off. Record your track driving or autocross daring-do with a dash cam, and prove you’re not just any Bavarian auto owner.
  6. Teenage Drivers– Worried your driving age kids aren’t going where they say they are? Worried they aren’t driving safely? Worried that your teenager is going to sneak your nice car out on a joyride? Get a dash cam. These devices can record where and how your teenager drives, and when they sneak out for a secret spin, you’ll know by checking the video file.
  7. Remembering the Drive– Sometimes we forget that half the fun of owning a car like a Z4 or an SL isn’t about getting from one place to another. It’s about the experience we have between point A and point B. As you create those fun times, wouldn’t it be nice to look back on them? Dash cams can also do that for you.

Brought to you by the certified mechanics at Silver Star Motors—keeping the German autos of Sacramento running since 1979.