Benefits of Avoiding A Mercedes Dealership For Service

Man Inspecting a Car

So, it’s time to have your Mercedes serviced and you’re debating where to take it. The first place that comes to mind is the Mercedes dealership where you bought it from; after all, they are the specialists, right? Let’s think again.

A recent study by revealed that on average, dealerships will charge a customer $300 more than an independent mechanic for equal service per year. The simple reason being that their employees are paid more per hour than most independent mechanics; the longer the job, the more it will cost you. This affects every service from transmission work to oil changes. According to Consumer Reports, Mercedes-Benz owners had the most complaints in regards to dealerships overpricing parts.

Many people are afraid that having their car serviced at an independent auto shop will negate the warranty of the vehicle. This is rarely the case however, and as long as it’s not a situation where the Mercedes dealership would be doing repairs for free because of a warranty issue, it will probably save you money to go to an independent instead.

When it comes to dealership vs. independents, the quality of work is not in question; there are many independents that specialize in the same fields. Here at Silver Star Motors, for instance, we specialize in Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles, and therefore can compete with the capabilities of a Mercedes-Benz and BMW dealership, yet offer lower prices to our customers.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy auto shop to service your vehicle, contact us today!