Can Hitting a Pothole Damage My Mercedes or BMW?

Picture of Car Hitting Pothole

Summer is here and that means people all over the country are going to hit the road for vacations and road trips. But are the roads and highways ready for all the summer travelers? Winter and spring exact a hefty toll on our roads, leaving behind road defects that can cause pothole damage to your car. These road defects can be a nightmare if you own an expensive luxury vehicle like a BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Fortunately, our Sacramento German car repair shop has information that can help.

What Causes Potholes?

When water seeps through pavement, it can soften or wash away the soil underneath, leaving voids and causing the road surface to buckle. Winter and spring months amplify this process when the freezing-thaw cycle increases soil erosion. When this seasonal cycle finishes, potholes remain, and if road crews don’t fill it fast, your car and your pocketbook could suffer.

What Kind of Damage Can Potholes Do to My Car?

The most common type of pothole damage usually involves tires and wheels. A large pothole hit at the right speed can puncture tires, cause belt separation and blistered tires. Hitting a pothole can also bend or crack the wheel of your car. These issues will require immediate repair and you should check any tire warranties, vehicle manufacturer warranties and insurance policies that may apply. However, pothole damage can be worse than a simple flat tire and bent rim.

What Are the Warning Signs of Pothole Damage?

Hitting a pothole can also cause damage to your vehicle’s suspension, steering and bodywork. Here is a list of symptoms that could indicate a pothole has done serious damage to your car:

  • Trouble With Steering – Has it become more difficult to steer since you hit a pothole? Is the vehicle swerving or swaying as you turn? These are the signs of a damaged steering system, and if not fixed quickly, the issue could become dangerous. Steering systems are a key safety system in vehicles. Do not neglect them.
  • Harsh Handling – If your vehicle is bottoming out, excessively bouncing on rough roads or pulling in one direction, you may have suffered suspension damage after hitting a pothole. These symptoms can indicate strut damage, a broken coil or a misalignment of your tires. Have an experienced auto technician check your car if you experience any of these warning signs.
  • Vibrations – If you feel tremors in the steering wheel, or your seat or floor after hitting a pothole, your car could have many possible problems. Bent rims, blistering tires or a misalignment could all be responsible for the vibrations.

Sacramento German Auto Repair You Can Trust

At Silver Star Motors, our auto technicians can handle the needs of any luxury vehicle. Whether you own a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW, we can provide the solution you need. We have been serving the Sacramento area since 1979, so you can trust in our experience. To set up an appointment, call (916) 318-9445 or send us a message through our contact form.

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