Get Your Mercedes Air Conditioner Serviced This Summer

It has been extremely hot already this year in the Sacramento area. There is no doubt that if you are riding in a car you need an air conditioner that is working at its optimal performance. While a Mercedes Benz is an excellent and reliable vehicle, their air conditioners to need servicing from time to time. The blazing heat of summer can be dangerous for you and your Mercedes, so keeping the air conditioning in top shape is a necessity.

If think your Mercedes air conditioner isn’t up to par, come in and have it checked before it stops working entirely, leaving you to roast in the heat. It is important to keep these things in mind when having your Mercedes air conditioner serviced:

Compressors, Evaporators, and Condensers: These Mercedes air conditioner components are susceptible to wear and tear over time. You can help protect them regularly having your Mercedes air conditioner serviced from a reputable and qualified Mercedes Benz repair shop in Sacramento.

Pumps, Hoses, and Valves:These all should be properly and regularly lubricated. Your trusted Mercedes Benz repair facility will be able to do this for you.

Refrigerant level: It is important to have your Mercedes air conditioner refrigerant level checked regularly and if low have fluid added or replaced. If it is blowing super cool, then your refrigerant level should be fine. If not, then you might have a leak. Have our Sacramento Mercedes Benz service center check this out for you.