Keep Your Mercedes Healthy with These Simple Tips

photo of mercedes benz store-front

A Mercedes isn’t just a car – it’s a way of life. Not only are Mercedes vehicles supremely reliable, they are also a symbol of status and of excellent taste in automobiles. These vehicles cost tens of thousands of dollars; as such, it is important that you follow some basic tips that keep help you prolong the life of your Mercedes and help extend the value of your investment.

Tips to Keep Your Mercedes Maintained

  1. Keep your vehicle covered, and not just in bad weather. While it is obvious that things like heavy rain, hail and wind-blown debris can damage the body of your car, you should also remember that the sun’s rays can cause paint to fade. If you want your Benz looking its best, do it a favor and give it some shade whenever possible. If you live in an area where it is difficult to find consistent shade, purchase a car cover.
  2. Keeping your car clean is important for protecting the paint job, as well. Slush and grime can lead to wear and tear on the paint. Frequent washing can help remove these damaging substances. Additionally, keeping an eye on the paint job means you will be able to catch rust before it becomes too problematic.
  3. Inspect your brakes on a routine basis. Any defects that you spot, such as worn pads or excessive grooves in the brakes drums, need immediate fixing. Otherwise, you risk losing your brakes when you need them most.
  4. Have the electrical system inspected regularly by a mechanic that is familiar with Mercedes electrical systems.
  5. If your Mercedes has between 80,000 and 100,000 miles on it, then you should have the transmission serviced. You should also have the transmission serviced after five years of operation. Every time you take your car in for routine maintenance, have the mechanic check the transmission fluid.

These little tips can go a long way toward ensuring that you have a lengthy and productive relationship with your Mercedes. If you own a Mercedes and are looking for a mechanic with experience maintaining and repairing your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact Silver Star Motors at (916) 318-9445. We have served Sacramento-area Mercedes-Benz owners since 1979, with factory trained and certified mechanics.