Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Maintenance in Sacramento

Maintenance schedules can vary for individual makes and models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In the vehicle’s maintenance manual, you can find the complete schedule.

Keep your Mercedes-Benz on the Road

The secret to preserving your Mercedes-Benz longevity and value is to keeping it in top condition. Normal wear and tear can swiftly turn into more serious engine problem if scheduled maintenance is not performed. Keeping up a regular maintenance schedule for your Mercedes protects not only your car’s engine and structural systems, but also its financial value.

Oldest and Best

Proudly serving Sacramento area Mercedes-Benz owners since 1979 with factory trained and certified mechanics. Our technicians are factory trained and certified just like those in dealerships. Silver Star Motors also has original Mercedes-Benz parts and has the same diagnostic equipment. In summary, we are committed to you the customer, and we provide the utmost in technical expertise.

Examples of Services Performed for Scheduled Maintenance;

  •    Change oil and filter
  •    Inspect brakes for wear
  •    Lubricate throttle linkage
  •    Check and correct fluid levels
  •    Inspect tires and check tire pressure
  •    Lubricate specific parts according to Mercedes-Benz guidelines
  •    Change automatic transmission fluid and filter
  •    Replace air filter
  •    Replace spark plugs
  •    Inspect propeller shaft flex coupling
  •    Inspect parking brake for free play
  •    Replace diesel pre and main fuel filters*
  •    Inspect for leaks
  •    Assess the condition of all components
  •    Remove wheels and rotate tires as necessary
  •    Inspect brake system and adjust parking brake
  •    Check all exterior and interior lamps and windshield washer systems
  •    Lubricate throttle shafts, door hinges, and locks
  •    Replace windshield wiper blades
  •    Battery, check condition using a battery tester
  •    Brake Fluid, Brakes & Traction Control
  •    Inspect – Brake pads, discs, lines, and hoses
  •    Cooling system, antifreeze & corrosion protection, lines, and hoses
  •    Drive Belt
  •    Flex disks

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