Mercedes Transmission Repair

Mercedes Transmission Repair

The majority of Mercedes Benz vehicles coming into our Mercedes transmission repair shop for service have the 722.6 automatic transmissions. The 722.6 transmission utilizes 5 drive speeds and is fully computer-controlled.Earlier transmissions made by Mercedes were prone to major gear failure which often resulted in a mess of damaged transmission components. The most telling sign of gear train failure is a loss of movement in drive or reverse or grinding or whining or sounds when the gear is engaging. The sounds may occur whether the  vehicle is moving or not.

Mercedes Transmission Computer and Electrical Problems

All of model 722.6 Mercedes transmissions may experience a variety of electronic problems. There are substantial differences between earlier and later model 722.6 transmissions. This means the probability of the cause of failure and  the cost of repair may differ greatly. Even in the later model Mercedes, electronic problems are still prevalent but are often less costly to repair because removal and disassembly of the transmission is not necessary.

Silver Star Motors Mercedes Transmission Repair Shop

Just because your Mercedes Benz is experiencing transmission problems does not mean you need to replace the transmission. Often times, a simple replacement of conductor plates is all that is necessary to have you back on the road.  sensors cannot be replaced separately, so the whole plate must be replaced. A thorough inspection and a proper diagnosis from one our fully trained and certified Mercedes Transmission repair technicians will determine what type of problem your transmission may be experiencing in order to determine what type of service or repair is necessary.

Mercedes Transmission Repair Experts

Silver Star Motors is the Sacramento Area’s oldest and most experienced full-service Mercedes transmission repair and service center. Our technicians are trained and experienced in Mercedes Benz transmission repair, maintenance, and service. We cater to our customer’s unique needs and ensure the very best craftsmanship and customer service. We take pride in our work and back our repairs with warranties. Call us today at (916) 318-9445 to schedule a Mercedes transmission repair appointment.