Is BMW Going to Copy a GM Safety Feature?

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Autonomous vehicles are the hottest trend in the automotive industry. Every manufacturer wants to make a car that will drive itself, but the technology isn’t quite there yet. Until the industry does reach that technological level, semi-autonomous features will have to do. But there are numerous safety issues to conquer, and brand prestige may take a back seat to effective innovations.

Why Semi-Autonomous Modes Need Safety Features

The autonomous car craze started with Tesla and its Autopilot feature. This driving mode allows the car to control itself under the right conditions, but it can be dangerous. Tesla owners who have let their attention wander while using the feature have crashed their cars. Some of those crashes have proven fatal. To keep this from happening to its semi-autonomous vehicles, GM has developed an innovative solution.

The Cadillac CT6 will be equipped with a semi-autonomous drive mode called “Super Cruise”. Like Autopilot, Super Cruise will allow the car to operate itself to a limited degree. That means it will require drivers to pay attention to the road in order to operate safely.

To ensure this attentiveness, Tesla uses a sensor that indicates when the driver is touching the steering wheel. If the driver is not touching the steering wheel, the system will chime an alert. If the driver’s hands do not return to the wheel, the car will come to a safe stop. However, some people have bypassed this safety feature, leading to crashes and other safety concerns. GM decided to take its attentiveness sensor to a higher level.

A GM Safety Feature May Be Coming to Your BMW

The Super Cruise feature will use infrared LEDs and cameras to monitor the driver’s eye movements and head position. This will allow the system to tell if the driver is paying attention while Super Cruise is activated. If the driver looks away from the road, the system will give them a warning. If inattentiveness continues, the car will safely come to a stop.

This distraction sensor has got so much buzz that even high-quality luxury brands have noticed. BMW plans to release its new X5 model with its own semi-autonomous drive feature—the Extended Traffic Jam Assistant System. As a part of the system, BMW has included infrared sensors that monitor a driver’s attentiveness. The BMW system projects an infrared grid on the driver’s face to monitor where they are looking. However, other functionalities seem to mimic the GM system.

BMW isn’t the only German brand working on autonomous vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is also testing a “Drive Pilot” system on some of its E-class coupes. That means these features could be coming to the high-class luxury German vehicles you bring into Silver Star Motors. Our auto technicians strive to make sure our service is high-quality. That means being ready for the latest innovations coming from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. You can keep up with these updates by following our certified mechanics, and if your vehicle is acting up, contact us for an appointment!

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Oil by Yourself

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Oil is an essential element of any car. It has many functions: it keeps your car’s engine clean and free of unwanted debris buildup, it keeps your engine cool so it won’t overheat, and it provides your engine with necessary lubrication for optimum life and reliability.

Without regular oil changes, your car’s oil will eventually become contaminated and ineffective. Then, your car could suffer from fuel efficiency, mechanical problems, or even total engine failure. It’s important that these oil changes are performed correctly. There are many factors to take into account when changing your oil, so doing it by yourself leaves a lot of room for error. Any error could lead to unwanted damages to your car. Leaving the job to a professional could save you from potentially expensive and extensive repair later.

Oil Change Mistakes You Can Avoid by Hiring a Professional:

  • Missing your car’s due date: Your car’s oil needs to be changed after a certain number of miles have been driven or if your car’s oil service indicator light turns on. Forgetting or changing your oil too late will eventually damage your engine. An expert will help you keep track of when your car is due for your next oil change.
  • Using the wrong oil for your engine: The type of oil needed for your car depends on your car’s engine, manufacturing instructions, and the time of year you are having your oil changed. Using the wrong oil can lead to oil leaks, reduced fuel efficiency, reduced lubrication, and eventual engine problems.
  • Missing the mark: Your car needs a specific amount of oil. Not enough oil or too much oil can tamper with your car’s engine and the lubrication needed to maintain your car’s parts. Too little oil could lead to overheating and damage to your car’s engine system. If your engine becomes too damaged, it could need to be replaced.

If your Mercedes-Benz or BMW is ready for an oil change or in need of another service, call Silver Star Motors today at (916) 318-9445 or contact us online.

Get Your BMW Air Conditioner Serviced This Summer

It has been extremely hot already in Sacramento this year. There is no doubt that if you are riding in a vehicle you need an air conditioner that is functioning at optimal performance. While a BMW is an excellent and reliable vehicle, their air conditioners to need servicing from time to time. The blazing heat of summer can be dangerous for you, your passengers, and your BMW, so keeping the air conditioning in top shape is a necessity. Read More