Preparing Your Vehicle for the Summer

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Summer has kicked off – for many, this means lazy days on the beach, cold ice cream on the boardwalk and spending time with friends and family. But summer takes a toll, especially on your vehicle. Between heat, dust, stop-and-go traffic and lingering effects from winter, your vehicle may be at risk of a breakdown.

By keeping up to date on your vehicle’s maintenance, you can make sure that your ride lasts throughout the hottest days of the year. Here are some tips to keep your motor purring long into the summer (some of these you can do yourself – others may require a professional).

  • Keep your A/C alive! We don’t have to tell you how much it sucks to get into a vehicle that has been sitting in the summer sun and realize you have no way to cool it off quickly (especially if your car has leather seats or a dark exterior). If your system is only marginally operational, it is likely to fail in the heat. Before it becomes an issue, have a certified technician inspect it.
  • Speaking of cooling, one of the most common causes of vehicle failure in the summer is overheating. You should completely flush and refill your cooling system at least once every two years. You should also keep an eye on your coolant levels, condition and concentration. Remember – never remove a radiator cap until your engine has fully cooled.
  • If you frequently make short trips, extended trips with lots of luggage or you often tow, you should get your oil looked at more often than the recommended every 3,000 miles.
  • Keep your lights clean and functional.
  • Have your tires rotated every 5,000 miles and check your tire pressure at least once a month. Make sure your spare is also in good condition.
  • Brake problems – even small ones – should be corrected as soon as possible. If you hear any odd noises coming from your brakes, get them checked ASAP.
  • Lastly, make sure your engine is performing correctly. Replace filters like air, fuel, and PCV more often than recommended if conditions are dusty. Take your vehicle to a qualified shop to ensure top engine performance.

If you would like a technician to take a look at your Mercedes or BMW to make sure it is ready for the summer, call Silver Star Motors at 916-318-9445.

Getting the Best Gas Mileage Out of Your Mercedes-Benz

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It’s not enjoyable to watch your funds drain away due to an inefficient vehicle. Gas can be pricey and many people are trying to find ways to pinch pennies at the gas pump. If you’re worried about emptying your wallet on your next gas trip, here are a few tips to help improve the gas mileage of your Mercedes-Benz.

Ease Off the Accelerator

While it’s great fun to push your car and test how fast it can really go, you might also be wasting a good 15 percent of your gas mileage whenever you drive over 65 miles per hour. It’s better to drive the speed limit than race the clock to save on gas. However, avoid driving under 65 mph on the highway as well. Not only is it dangerous to slow down significantly in fast traffic but driving below 65 mph also decreases your gas mileage by 15 percent. Another behavior to consider changing is how you approach traffic lights. Try not to race red lights because your car will end up using more energy to come to stop seconds later. This will cost you money. Further, avoid running yellow lights to improve efficiency. If you do have to come out of a complete stop, don’t press your foot down hard on the accelerator to rush forward out of the stop.

Premium Gas Isn’t That Great

Many people are driving around right now with their gas tanks filled with medium or high-octane gasoline mistakenly thinking they are improving their gas mileage. Unfortunately, high octane does not necessarily mean better. Medium and high-octane gas should be used by cars with a compression engine that is susceptible to pinging. High-octane also benefits high-performance cars with compression engines by helping their engine system run more efficiently. If your car is not a high-performance car with a compression engine, high-octane gas won’t benefit you. If you are unsure what type of gas to put into your Mercedes-Benz, refer to your car manual as the gas type will be listed. You can also contact your Mercedes-Benz mechanic as well.

Drive Light

Try to minimize weight and drag on your Mercedes-Benz before your next drive. The more weight in your car, the more fuel you will have to burn to move that weight. Small items won’t make too much of a difference, but if you are lugging around a huge item like heavy lifting weights, take them out of your vehicle to better your gas mileage. According to the EPA, every 100 pounds of excess weight your car carries reduces gas mileage by one percent. Outside of reducing weight, also try to minimize drag on your vehicle. Drag occurs when there is resistance in the opposite direction of the car’s movement. To avoid drag, remove any bike racks or luggage carriers strapped to the vehicle. These items increase drag and that can further increase your gas bill. When not in use, put these items inside your home.

If you’re having issues keeping your gas mileage up, you can always contact a trusted Mercedes-Benz dealer to look at your vehicle. Silver Star Motors will be able to give you the appropriate advice on how to handle and maintain your Mercedes-Benz.

Will This New Mercedes Crossover SUV Light Your Fire?

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In the late 1990s, a trend began to wash over the automotive industry. SUVs started to sell in droves, and though many automakers thought this trend was a fad, three manufacturers took a chance. Audi, BMW and Mercedes all released big SUVs. Fast forward to now, and other luxury brands like Porsche, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini are trying to catch up, but now the crossover is the new top dog, and Mercedes is already in the class with the latest iteration of its GLA crossover SUV.

What Do You Think About the Mercedes GLA?

Though some auto reviewers have labeled this crossover as a downmarket move, the class and luxury of the latest GLA begs to differ. Still constructed of the high-quality parts Mercedes is known for, the small SUV was able to sell over 5,200 units in Japan in 2015. This respectable performance was outshone in 2016 by the crossover’s performance here in the U.S.–where Mercedes sold over 24,500 units. It was a record breaking year for the German marque as it sold more vehicles in that year than it had ever sold before.

This year, Mercedes will celebrate the GLA line’s achievements by adding a new addition to the stable, the GLA 45. This sportier version of the GLA gets a new 4matic transmission and a 2.0-litre turbo engine unleashing more power to an already high-quality ride. These upgrades are all a part of expanding expectations for an industry leading vehicle, and it only raises hopes for future expansions of the model in the future.

Does the GLA light your fire? As factory trained and certified Mercedes-Benz mechanics, the technicians at Silver Star Motors can ensure that your GLA keeps your heart pumping while still offering you comfort unmatched by any other crossover SUV. To learn more about what else Mercedes-Benz has to offer, keep following the Silver Star Motors blog.

Keeping up with the scheduled maintenance of your Mercedes can be tough. After all, you’re probably busy and might not have the time to stop in regularly at your mechanic’s shop. Plus, the cost of maintaining any vehicle can be costly, which can cause you to want to put it off.

However, even though it’s certainly understandable that you might want to put off maintenance for your vehicle, it’s important not to. These are some of the main reasons why.

Proper Maintenance Can Extend Your Car’s Lifespan

You probably want your Mercedes to last for as long as possible. If you keep up with your routine maintenance as you are supposed to, this can help you greatly extend your vehicle’s lifespan so that you can enjoy your vehicle for that much longer.

You Can Reduce Repair Costs By Keeping Up with Maintenance

Even though you might not be excited about paying for car maintenance, you should know that it can be a lot cheaper than making expensive repairs. In fact, keeping up with routine maintenance can be key for reducing and eliminating repair costs.

Service Records Matter When Selling Your Car

When you get ready to sell your vehicle, you probably want to get as much for it as you can. If you don’t take good care of it, you have to worry about not getting as much for it. Maintaining your vehicle regularly and keeping up with your service records can help you fetch a higher price later on, however.

You Don’t Want to Lose Your Warranty

If something goes wrong with your Mercedes, you probably want to make sure that your vehicle’s warranty will cover it. If you don’t keep up with your maintenance, your warranty claim might be denied. Therefore, you should know that if you want to maintain your vehicle’s warranty, keeping up with scheduled maintenance is imperative.

As you can see, keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance is critical. If you need help with maintaining your Mercedes, contact us at Silver Star Motors today.

Is Your Mercedes Ready For Winter?

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