Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

For your Mercedes-Benz, as with any vehicle, proper maintenance is essential for the longevity and health of your vehicle. Regular maintenance will keep repairs down, keep you safe, and keep your Mercedes running like the beautiful machine it should be. As you take your vehicle into your mechanic, you also get the added benefit of having your mechanic know your specific vehicle. Each vehicle wears a little differently based on the model and how you drive it. These conditions make it important to have someone who knows your vehicle history work on your Mercedes in order to ensure that you are getting the necessary and best service possible.

Mercedes-Benz has a specific service guideline for their vehicles called the Mercedes-Benz Flexible Service System or FSS. The FSS is a maintenance series that is set at mileage markers to ensure the best running operation of your vehicle. Service A and B, also known as Flex A and B, are the most common services for your Mercedes. According to Mercedes-Benz, you should perform these services every 12,000 miles alternating between Flex A and B. So, after your first 12,000 miles you should take your vehicle in for a Flex A then at 24,000 miles you should take your vehicle in for Flex B and so on. Flex A is a standard maintenance check-up while Flex B is an extended service.

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