Oil is an essential element of any car. It has many functions: it keeps your car’s engine clean and free of unwanted debris buildup, it keeps your engine cool so it won’t overheat, and it provides your engine with necessary lubrication for optimum life and reliability. Without regular oil changes, your car’s oil will eventually become contaminated and ineffective. Then, your car could suffer from fuel efficiency, mechanical problems, or even total engine failure. It’s important that these oil changes are performed correctly. There are many factors to take into account when changing your oil, so doing it by yourself leaves a lot of room for error. Any error could lead to unwanted damages to your car. Leaving the job to a professional could save you from potentially expensive and […]

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The transmission is one of the most integral and complex parts of your vehicle. The transmission contains multiple complex hydraulic systems that transfer energy to your car to make it move. Many of the newer transmission systems include computerized systems to help with front wheel drive. The computerized systems make fixing any transmission issues quite difficult. It’s important to take your vehicle into an automotive repair shop for regular tune-ups to ensure that your transmission is working efficiently. Transmission Warning Signs I Should Look For Total transmission failure can cost thousands and require you to overhaul the entire engine of your car. Here is a list of warning signs that your transmission may not be working properly: Fluid leaks. If you see any fluid on your driveway, it may be […]

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Summer has kicked off – for many, this means lazy days on the beach, cold ice cream on the boardwalk and spending time with friends and family. But summer takes a toll, especially on your vehicle. Between heat, dust, stop-and-go traffic and lingering effects from winter, your vehicle may be at risk of a breakdown. By keeping up to date on your vehicle’s maintenance, you can make sure that your ride lasts throughout the hottest days of the year. Here are some tips to keep your motor purring long into the summer (some of these you can do yourself – others may require a professional). Keep your A/C alive! We don’t have to tell you how much it sucks to get into a vehicle that has been sitting in the […]

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A Mercedes isn’t just a car – it’s a way of life. Not only are Mercedes vehicles supremely reliable, they are also a symbol of status and of excellent taste in automobiles. These vehicles cost tens of thousands of dollars; as such, it is important that you follow some basic tips that keep help you prolong the life of your Mercedes and help extend the value of your investment. Tips to Keep Your Mercedes Maintained Keep your vehicle covered, and not just in bad weather. While it is obvious that things like heavy rain, hail and wind-blown debris can damage the body of your car, you should also remember that the sun’s rays can cause paint to fade. If you want your Benz looking its best, do it a favor […]

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Are you thinking about switching out your vehicle’s wheels for something a little bigger? Larger wheels can affect your car’s appearance, mileage and stability. Consider these pros and cons before changing your wheels. Visual Impact If you’re looking to make a big visual impact, consider buying big wheels. Make sure to do you research, however, before buying a set of wheels. Bigger wheels are more expensive and if you make the wrong decision, you could be out of a good amount of cash. In addition, if you get wheels that are not made to fit your car, you could damage the vehicle. If you’re not sure how the wheels are going to look on your vehicle, you can look up images of the same make and model of your vehicle […]

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