Top 5 Mercedes Repair Issues To Look For

Mercedes has a reputation for manufacturing some of the most reliable automobiles on the road today. While major mechanical issues aren’t common, there are 5 repair issues that are more common when you have a Mercedes. Here is an overview of the top 5 Mercedes auto repair issues you may encounter depending on the make, model and year of your Mercedes.

Mercedes Repair Issue #1: E Class Models – Noisy Struts

If you own a Mercedes E Class manufactured from 1989-1995 you may hear rattling and banging when driving. This noise is coming from loose or leaking struts.

Mercedes Repair Issue #2: Engine Harness Wire Insulation Damage

Owners of Mercedes vehicles that live hot regions may have problems with the wiring harness in the engine. Heat exposure can cause the wire insulation to crack, putting your engine at risk for damage.

Mercedes Repair Issue #3: Electronic Transmission Oil Leak

If your Mercedes was manufactured after 1995 it most likely has an electronic transmission that is prone to the buildup of graphite from the clutches as a result of an oil leak.

Mercedes Repair Issue #4: Mass Airflow Sensor Issues

If you are experiencing hard starts, the engine is hesitating or your car is idling rough, your Mercedes’ mass airflow sensor might be clogged. Faulty airflow measurements that make for a rough ride might happen if it is not properly cleaned and maintained.

Mercedes Repair Issue #5 – Old Spark Plugs Can Cause Ignition Failure

Spark plugs need replacement every 75,000-90,000 miles. Failing to do so can cause ignition problems like engine power loss and damage critical components.

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