Need Your Mercedes Transmission Serviced?

Silver Star Motors Wants to Get Your Mercedes Back on the Road

Your Mercedes Benz is designed to be durable and crafted for excellence. Unfortunately, you may face troubles due to unavoidable wear. Transmission issues are classified in one of two ways. Either your transmission will not move or it does not move smoothly. Both of these categories develop from similar problems inside the transmission; therefore, regardless of what your Mercedes-Benz does you may need to consider what is causing these issues.

The technicians at Silver Star Motors are expertly trained in dealing with luxury brands including Mercedes. Your transmission is central to your cars efficiency and making sure that everyone on the road, including you, is safe. If your transmission is faulty or in need of replacement, it is important to seek experts to fix the problem before it begins to affect other parts of your car. Your Mercedes sensors should be checked with our diagnostic computer to guarantee that your car is performing safely and efficiently. If it’s not, we will discover what precisely has gone wrong and what we can do to repair it.

What Are Common Problems with Transmissions?

It is crucial to check your transmission fluid at a minimum of two times each year. Not only can a low fluid level be the reason your Mercedes shifts improperly, it could in time result in transmission breakdown, an expensive repair. If your Mercedes-Benz seems to be losing fluid all the time, you could have a leak and you should seek repairs immediately.

Checking your Mercedes for leaks is not as difficult as it might appear. The transmission is a closed system, so there are a limited number of places where a leak would be present. Unless it has been changed to a non-dyed fluid, your Mercedes will have red transmission fluid to look for. If your transmission’s filter is not functioning properly, it will be critical to its performance. If you had not replaced your transmission filter regularly, make sure you talk with your technician before you begin exploring rebuilds or replacements.

When your transmission gets to be worn enough, you’ll need to have specific reconstruction. It certainly is an unfortunate truth. Our experienced technicians will check any other possible factors to your problem prior to taking the transmission apart. Identifying a solution before taking the transmission apart will save you precious time and money. If your filter is working properly and nothing is out of adjustment, a rebuild may be avoided. In any case, contacting an expert is always the wise choice.

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Your Mercedes or your vehicle requires quality preventative maintenance to keep its transmission running smoothly. Transmissions maintenance and repairs can be complicated; however, they are also essential. If your Mercedes is having these issues, you may need a transmission flush to prevent further and more costly repairs.

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