Do Sacramento Zoning Codes Prohibit Most Home Vehicle Repairs?

Photo of an Auto Technician Performing Car Repairs

Did you know Sacramento zoning codes can prevent you from performing repairs on your vehicle at home? At the beginning of the month, users on the Grassroots Motorsports Forum discussed how Sacramento County zoning codes may lead to expensive fines if you perform home vehicle repairs. One user even reported receiving a fine of over $400, which would cost $700 to contest. 

What Does Sacramento County Say About Performing Home Vehicle Repairs?

Unfortunately, the zoning rules are not clear and are left open to interpretation. Here are a few snippets of what Sacramento County zoning codes say about home vehicle repairs.

  1. You can perform “minor” vehicle repairs at your residence. Examples of minor vehicle repairs include oil changes, minor tune-ups, brake part replacement, repairing flat tires and lubrication.
  2. Although you can perform minor repairs, there are circumstances where it is not permitted. For instance, you cannot perform minor repairs if you are using tools not normally found at a residence or repairing a vehicle registered to a person who does not occupy the residence. You also cannot leave vehicles under repair outside of a fully enclosed garage for more than 24 hours. 

As you can see, some parts of the zoning code are intentionally vague. What qualifies as a “tool not normally found at a residence”? Unfortunately, we have no answers to this question. 

What does matter is that you may be fined for violating Sacramento County’s code on home vehicle repairs. While you can fight the code enforcement, it could cost you more than the fine itself. 

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