What is the cost of maintaining a Mercedes Benz?

The cost of maintaining a Mercedes Benz or any other high-performance vehicle varies significantly based on the age, condition, and specific model. There is no question that a high performance Mercedes V12 or Mercedes V8 AMG engine requires a higher level of maintenance than a six cylinder that ist used in most C and E Class models.  It is important that you regularly maintain your Mercedes Benz no matter the year, model or engine type.

As an owner of a Mercedes Benz, you should service your Mercedes Benz every 10,000 miles or once per year if it is driven less than 10,000 miles in a year. A traditional Mercedes Benz maintenance schedule will alternate a minor service with a major service. Minor Mercedes Benz services are referred to as an A-Service and will include an oil service and inspection. But what does the 10,000 mile service cost? The cost of maintaining a Mercedes Benz for an A-Service is around $200. Major Mercedes Benz service are referred to as a B-Service and includes an A-Service plus filters and computer resets. The cost of maintaining a Mercedes Benz for a B-Service is around $400. Additional conditional based services may be required including a brake fluid flush, transmission service (recommended every 40,000 miles on newer models), and spark plugs.

Although not generally part of a regularly scheduled maintenance, brakes are another common maintenance item on your Mercedes Benz. It is important to remember that not all brake pads are created equally. You definitely get what you pay for applies. The cost of maintaining your Mercedes Benz with new brake pads can be $50 for a set of brake pads up to $250 for a set of brake pads depending on your specific model of Mercedes Benz and the performance level you desire. You should steer clear of cheap aftermarket brakes that will not stop your Mercedes as it is designed to stop. Ceramic brake pads can be a good aftermarket alternative. Ceramic brake pads made for the Mercedes Benz have the advantage of lower dust.

The cost of maintaining a Mercedes Benz with OEM pads is comparable, but with increased stopping grip and less dust. Please stop by Silver Star Motors and we will be happy to discuss and plan a maintenance schedule for your specific Mercedes Benz or BMW.